Adventures (indoor or outdoors)

Develop inner resilience through outdoors adventure by joining us on facilitated small-group expeditions and outdoor experiential learning programs.


We offer a wide range of team building and team bonding activities to meet various corporate requirement, in term of budget and objectives.  The context can be playful or studious, physical or intellectual, indoor or outdoor, depending of the team profile.



There is always the goal to improve performance through better environment. The scope of our programs ranges from simple bonding to complex simulations and multi-day team building.


Group Size: 30 to 1000

Duration: varies, from 3-4 hours to multi-day

Amazing Race

Remember the Reality TV Series? This outdoor team building activity seeks to instil healthy team work values amongst participants as well as giving them the chance to have fun and bond together.


A very popular team building game, this amazing race challenge brings teams to compete from one checkpoint to another. Once they arrive at a given checkpoint, they discover the challenge they must overcome to learn their next destination, and repeat this until they reach the final stop. The diversity of challenges is one of the main attraction of this activity, full of fun and excitements! So, wait no more… Race your way through to a successful team building session!


Group Size: 30 to 1000

Duration: 3-4 hours



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